Client acknowledges that they are making a personal choice to engage in The Emotion Code, The Body Code and/or any other type of energy release or balancing modality (referred to as ‘Energy Modality’ in this disclaimer), and agrees to release Joan Stein and her company from any and all liability relating to the Energy Modality she performs. There is no guarantee about the success of Energy Modality, and Joan Stein makes no representation about any results. Joan Stein is not a physician, and will not diagnose, cure, or treat any disease or illness during this process. Joan Stein is not acting under her Michigan Master’s Social Worker License unless explicitly stated. Client’s participation in Energy Modality with Joan Stein constitutes acceptance and understanding of this Abbreviated Disclaimer, along with the additional terms and conditions found in the Complete Disclaimer. The terms of both the Abbreviated and Complete Disclaimers are binding on Client and Joan Stein for any and all services provided by Joan Stein, her company, and the Oasis Energy Healing Center. Read more.